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  • Discover the Power of Clinical Pathways in a Value-Based Care Environment

    Clinical Pathways University is your gateway to success in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip all levels of learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a value-based care environment in which clinical pathways are a key component to driving precision and optimization of patient care.

    Register or sign in today to better understand how clinical pathways can help address rising healthcare costs, mitigate patient risk, reduce variability, achieve better clinical outcomes, and drive success in a value-based care model.

    What You'll Learn

      Gain a deeper understanding of how clinical pathways can:

    • Address rising health care costs
    • Reduce variability
    • Address rising health care costs
    • Achieve better, more predictable clinical outcomes
    • Drive success in a value-based care environment

    What to Expect

    • Access to 6 modules dedicated to key clinical pathways topics
    • Education presented by leading national experts
    • Engaging multimedia format to maximize learning experience
    • On-demand access to module content
    • Downloadable transcripts of presentations
    • Certificate of completion from Clinical Pathways University